Tuesday, January 23, 2007

first power-pimped electric scooter

Gary Elkies of West Haven CT bought a "Razor" electric scooter to save on gasoline and car maintenance expenses when commuting to work.

Unfortunately, the first time he tried to ride the Razor to work, he ended up walking about half of the five-mile distance, because the battery died.

Gary refused to be discouraged, and sought the services of AbleComm Automotive Engineering of Milford CT.

AbleComm outfitted the scooter with a marine battery housing, a second battery, and an A-B switch to select which battery sends power to the scooter's motor. There's also a digital meter with an illuminated display to monitor battery power while charging, and during the trip.

Unfortunately, the weather has been too cold to test the modified vehicle, so Gary's not sure if he'll be able to scoot to work.

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