Monday, October 27, 2008

1987: Sarah Palin had her first abortion

Maybe Governor Sarah Palin had an abortion the first time she got pregnant, and then got married after the second time she got pregnant. Maybe Governor Sarah Palin had her first abortion in 1995. Maybe she never had one.

She is the only one of the four major political candidates who has refused to release medical records. Maybe Governor Sarah Palin is hiding an abortion or two.

Maybe Governor Sarah Palin was born a man. Maybe Governor Sarah Palin had a sex change operation. Maybe Trig and Piper and Flog and Gort and Phlegm and Snowball and Brittny and LaKeisha Palin were all adopted.

Maybe Bristol Palin was impregnated by a Martian. Maybe Governor Sarah Palin is going to have a half-green grandchild with a strange name instead of a half-redneck child with a strange name whose father said he doesn't want any kids.

(By the way, compared to Track and Trig, Barack seems like a perfectly normal name.)

Since the Moose Mama has demonstrated so little regard for the truth in the current political campaign, I see no reason not to have a little fun at her expense. Google usually picks up this blog pretty fast, so let's see where the alleged news goes.

UPDATE: Five hours after I posted this, if you Google the phrase: "Governor Sarah Palin had her first abortion in 1995" you'll get a link to this blog. If you read it on the Internet, it must be true.


Sarah Insurance Fraud said...

Palin had an abortion? This would make sense why she is dead set against it. At 17 In 1983 I had an oops pregnancy. Fortunately I had (and have) a father that I could tell the truth to. I cried & cried on his shoulder. I am so thankful for a level head and support of choice & choices. My dads compassion, wisdom, honesty, emotional & financial support gave me light in my darkness. I decided to stop the growth of an embryo. My future was free to get an education, skills, get married and have a beautiful daughter with an ever present loving father with a home. She is now a 15. I share my example with her so she won't make the same promiscuous teenage mistake. We are all faced with choices in life good & bad. It makes us who we are.
Christian Diva Sarah will have to live with her choices. Just as her daughter will have too by having not one, but two bastard children.
Harsh, but technically true from the open book of Webster.

Anonymous said...

Something is very odd about this Woman to be sure. She lives by her own rules - not a "Maverick" but an Outlaw. And Outlaws used to be hanged under the old Oak tree back in the day.

I suspect her medical records will reveal some hypocricy or another.

Probably the REAL reason is this: She know the election is LOST and there is no point in revealing any embarrasing information now, when she is going back to Alaska, anyway.

She thinks (seriously) that she is the "Next Ronald Reagan". No, really, she thinks that. Wow. Reagan was a rocket scientist compared to her!

Anonymous said...

WHo gives a shit.